Guiding Principles & Success Factors

NOTE: These policies are currently under review and will be updated in 2017.

A. Guiding Principles

Does your proposed collaboration meet the general principles below and to what extent?  

  • Valuation of Research, Patient Care, Education: Partners need to demonstrate commitment to our core values; minimally, a commitment to building capability in those core areas
  • Long Term Commitment from Leadership and Faculty: Leadership from both the top and from the ground up need to be involved to steer the partnership and be responsible for their areas
  • Commitment to Public Mission: Partners need to be aligned with UCSF’s public service mission and commitment to improving health
  • Reputation and Leadership in Home Country: Institution should be considered top quality and a leader with funding and vision
  • Strong ability to execute and implement: Ability to implement efficiently and effectively; ideally, some prior track record or with other Western institutions

B. Success Factors (once in progress)

Is your collaboration/agreement meeting the following metrics for success?

Trust and Strength of personal relationships

  • Are we building strong personal and institutional relationships based on shared mutual interests?
  • Are we building cultural bridges?

Robust Structure and Infrastructure

  • Do we have a sufficiently strong business/finance/regulatory infrastructure which we and the partner have co created?
  • Is there sufficient alliance management and oversight for the partnership?
  • Is there regular communication, joint strategic decision making, and management?

Alignment with UCSF Core competencies

  • Are we finding that we are either contributing to or working with strong science, education, and training programs?
  • Are we engaging in broad multidisciplinary efforts to attract a diverse and broad funding base?
  • Are we able to leverage complementary expertise and capabilities?