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Hundreds March with UCSF in 2018 San Francisco Pride Parade

Jun 25, 2018
A rainbow-hued contingent from UCSF turned out for the 48th annual San Francisco LGBT Pride Parade.

The Unbearable Sensation of Being: Living With Sensory Processing Disorder

Jun 25, 2018
Sensory Processing Disorder, or SPD, causes some children to find everyday stimuli excruciating. Scientists are finally shedding light on what causes the disorder and what can be done about it.

Health Hub Launches in Collaboration with UCSF

Jun 25, 2018
UCSF and a newly formed, next-generation nonprofit organization, Health Hub, are announcing their plans to affiliate.

Immune Profile for Successful Cancer Immunotherapy Discovered

Jun 25, 2018
UCSF researchers have identified a key biological pathway in human cancer patients that appears to prime the immune system for a successful response to immunotherapy drugs – checkpoint inhibitors.

Combination Therapy May Revive Prospects for ‘Embattled’ Breast Cancer Drugs

Jun 25, 2018
Researchers identified a protein that cancer cells use as a shield to protect the PI3K pathway against targeted drugs, and showed that blocking this protein allowed previously ineffective therapies to slow cancer cell growth and shrink tumors.

Patricia O’Sullivan Receives 2018 UCSF Lifetime Mentoring Award

Jun 25, 2018
Patricia “Pat” O’Sullivan has been named the 2018 recipient of the UCSF Lifetime Achievement in Mentoring Award.

Prop. 47 Lessened Racial Disparities in Drug Arrests

Jun 21, 2018
UCSF researchers quantified the effects of Prop 47, which reclassified drug possession offenses from felonies or “wobblers”.

CryoEM Study Captures Opioid Signaling in the Act

Jun 21, 2018
Scientists have used ultra-high-resolution cryo–electron microscopy to capture the most detailed portrait ever of an opioid drug triggering the biochemical signaling cascade that gives it its power.

Not Junk: ‘Jumping Gene’ is Critical for Early Embryo

Jun 21, 2018
A so-called “jumping gene” that researchers long considered either genetic junk or a pernicious parasite is actually a critical regulator of the first stages of embryonic development.

Toward a Cure for Sickle Cell: How Doctors Are Fighting a Crippling Disease

Jun 20, 2018
Each year, 300,000 infants worldwide are born with sickle cell. UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals are at the the leading edge of advancements to cure sickle cell disease.

Physician-Scientist Lloyd “Holly” Smith, ‘Heart of UCSF for Over Half a Century,’ Dies at 94

Jun 19, 2018
Lloyd Hollingsworth “Holly” Smith Jr., a visionary physician-scientist whose uncompromising quest for excellence over a career spanning half a century helped transform UCSF into the world-renowned health sciences university it is today, died peacefully at his home on June 18.

UCSF Receives Two New Properties in San Francisco as Gifts from Donors

Jun 19, 2018
UCSF has received two gifts of real estate properties that will ease the housing crunch for faculty and free up space for thriving clinical and academic programs at Mission Bay – supporting key University goals.

Deaths from Cardiac Arrest Are Misclassified, Overestimated

Jun 18, 2018
Forty percent of deaths attributed to cardiac arrest are not sudden or unexpected, and nearly half of the remainder are not arrhythmic – the only situation in which CPR and defibrillators are effective.

Electrically Stimulating the Brain May Restore Movement After Stroke

Jun 18, 2018
UCSF scientists have improved mobility in rats that had experienced debilitating strokes by using electrical stimulation to restore a distinctive pattern of brain cell activity associated with efficient movement.

University Child Care Center at Mission Bay Officially Opens

Jun 15, 2018
With the June 11 opening ceremony, the University Child Care Center at Mission Bay officially becomes the largest child care center in San Francisco.

Diabetes Added to High Risks for People with Severe Mental Illness

Jun 15, 2018
People with severe mental illness are more than twice as likely to have Type 2 diabetes, with even higher risks among patients who are African American or Hispanic, according to a new study led by UCSF. 

New Program Builds a Primary Care Workforce Tailored to Rural California

Jun 14, 2018
With a new project – Rural Health Advanced Practice Training – the UCSF School of Nursing hopes to help fill gaps in health care by encouraging and training advanced practice nurses to work in rural settings.

Opioid Crisis: This Doctor’s Street-Level Views Could Change the Course of the Epidemic

Jun 12, 2018
A staggering 64,000 people in the United States died in 2016 from drug overdoses – and a study led by UCSF’s Daniel Ciccarone is aiming to get at the heart of of the problem, including by interviewing opioid users.

2018: A Drug Odyssey – The Epic Journey to Better Medicines

Jun 12, 2018
The journey from discovering and developing effective, precise medications to using them correctly and safely in patients is hardly fast and easy. Nor is it a straight shot. Scientists in the UCSF School of Pharmacy are challenging the status quo every step of the way.

Frequent Use of the ER Fell After the Affordable Care Act

Jun 12, 2018
The odds of being a frequent user of California’s emergency departments dropped in the two years following the implementation of major provisions of the Affordable Care Act in January 2014.