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UCSF Finalizing Plan to Restore Health of Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve

Apr 4, 2018
UCSF is finalizing a long-term management plan for the Mount Sutro Open Space Reserve that will address the widespread damage wrought by the worst drought in modern California history.

Memory-Enhancing Drug Acts as Molecular 'Staple'

Mar 29, 2018
UCSF researchers have shown that an experimental brain boosting drug, ISRIB, acts like a molecular staple, pinning together parts of a much larger protein involved in cellular stress.

UCSF's EXCEL Workforce Development Program Changes Lives of Housing Employees

Mar 28, 2018
When Kisha Mickels became homeless three years ago, she was looking for a lifeline to help support herself and her two kids. She found the UCSF Excellence through Community Engagement & Learning Program and now has a career at UCSF as a housing assistant.

Talk on Scar-Free Stents Wins 2018 UCSF Grad Slam

Mar 28, 2018
Yiqi Cao won the 2018 Grad Slam for her talk about her studies improving stents to reduce scar tissue.

New Blood Thinners May Shorten Patients’ Hospital Stays

Mar 28, 2018
The use of newer blood-thinners for patients at risk of stroke may lead to two fewer days in the hospital for those who experience complications, with the same survival rate as the older drug warfarin.