International Partnerships & Affiliations

NOTE: These policies are currently under review and may no longer be up to date (February 2019).

GHS Where We Are from

An EVCP and Global Health Sciences (GHS) led workgroup developed high level recommendations with respect to UCSF’s approach to pursuing international collaborations. The attached “International Partnerships Toolkit” is intended to  provide general direction to those interested in, or engaged in, international collaborations.

This is a “living” toolkit and set of documents that we expect will be expanded upon and modified as needed, to adjust to circumstances.

Faculty should be able to customize the approaches to suit their needs and situations.

Components of the Toolkit:


  1. Checklist for Faculty interested in pursuing international collaborations
  2. Guiding Principles & Key Success Factors for International Collaborations
  3. Existing landscape/database for International Projects
  4. Key Contacts