International Travel Resources for UCSF Students and Trainees

Traveling for academic credit, research, practicum, or clinical work?

Trainee International Travel Resources (TITR) is a collection of required and suggested global health travel resources for students doing academic work abroad.

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Traveling for vacation or a conference?

Trainee Resources for Vacations and Conferences (TRVC) help trainees plan safe travel abroad.

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Faculty and Staff: We Need Your Input

Adapt these resources, like the Required Curriculum Before Travel, for the specific needs of your own schools and programs. These adaptations can be added to our website, so that all trainees can find their required materials in one place.

The TITR Back-Story: A Cross-Campus Effort

These resources are offered in the spirit of providing essential preparation, both for safety and knowledge. The faculty and students of the UCSF Schools of Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy and the Graduate Division recognize the many benefits of international travel for trainee educational and research purposes. We affirm:

  • The importance of adequate preparation, cultural knowledge, and humility.
  • The objective of bi-directional learning rather than service, given trainee limitations in knowledge and training.
  • The underlying objective of collaboration, as well as local community engagement and benefit.
  • The imperative of traveling safely.

Contact Us

For questions or feedback about these resources, email Travis Pentz.