Research Advisory Board (RAB)

The Research Advisory Board (RAB) was initiated in 2005 by Eugene Washington, then-provost at UCSF. The charge to the RAB is to identify research-related issues that are important to investigators at UCSF and to work with the office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost (EVCP) on improving operations that affect research.

The RAB includes members of the faculty, administrative staff from departments, and (ex officio) representatives from the office of the EVCP. 

Operationally, the RAB identifies items of importance to the research community, invites experts within the campus to elucidate issues, and recommends actions, including changes to policies and procedures. The RAB serves as a sounding board for both the office of the EVCP and the research community, and it facilitates the flow of information between faculty and staff.  The RAB meets monthly and may appoint subcommittees that meet separately.


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