Announcing Flexible Work Planning for EVCP Organization

Dear Colleagues,

I want to share that the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Organization (EVCPO) is creating a Flexible Work program. The goals are to:

  1. Support the important work of the campus;
  2. Provide flexibility to as many employees as possible;
  3. Ensure a predictable number of workers on site to help with planning for space, parking, transit, security, and food service; and
  4. Treat all employees and leaders fairly and consistently.


During the pandemic, hybrid and remote work supported our public health response and offered greater flexibility for many workers. However, remote/hybrid work has also continued in an unstructured manner, which has had an impact on culture, operations, and services.

So that UCSF remains a vibrant place to work, learn, care, and discover, campus leaders have decided that by September 2025, each business unit must have a structured, strategic work plan. This work plan will describe the type of work being done in the unit and the work-site approach that all employees with similar jobs will take. Here in EVCPO, we’ll start creating this plan now.

What to Expect in the Coming Months

To be clear: this is not a mandate for all employees who have been hybrid/remote to return to working on campus for a set number of days per week. How often employees work on-site will be determined at the team level, in collaboration with executive leadership according to the timeline provided below.

June through August 2024:

  • Employees in EVCPO will hear directly from their unit’s leadership, who will share more detailed information about the approach to Flexible Work in EVCPO.
  • The EVCP Projects Team will form a Change Champions Network to share information and resources with staff.
  • Leaders and managers will work with their teams to categorize them as "Onsite," "Hybrid," or "Remote" based on:
    • Ensuring mission excellence;
    • Supporting business needs and using resources wisely;
    • Ensuring fairness within and across units; and
    • Respecting the work of those who must be onsite.

September through November 2024:

  • EVCP Lucey will review and approve Flexible Work designations for each unit.
  • Teams will gather detailed information about employee days onsite to help with resource planning.

We will post current information and resources about the Flexible Work plan on the EVCPO Flexible Work webpage.

The excellence at UCSF comes from our people and their ability to work together to provide high-quality health care, discovery, education, and leadership. These relationships require both planned and spontaneous encounters where important conversations happen and lead to solutions. A strategic Flexible Work program will help us strengthen these relationships and our commitment to our work and each other. I look forward to our new future and the work we’ll engage in together to create it.


Catherine R. Lucey MD, MACP
Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost