International Research Support and Retirement of Mylo Schaaf

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for your efforts to uphold UCSF’s mission of advancing health worldwide by supporting our faculty and learners who conduct research and education on an international level.

Particularly, I appreciate the work done by Mylo Schaaf, MD, who has dedicated most of her UCSF career to global health. Dr. Schaaf is now ready to pursue new horizons and will be retiring from UCSF effective October 1.

Having completed her residency at UCSF, Dr. Schaaf returned to the University in 2011 as Global Health Advisor in the School of Medicine. Her most recent post has been as Senior International Officer and Director of Global Health in the Office of the EVCP. Her steadfast and collegial approach played a pivotal role in managing complex cross-campus administrative and affiliation issues. She worked to provide guidance to UCSF travelers and to ensure that UCSF policies and procedures dealing with issues such as international visitors and affiliations were equitable and respectful of our global partners. Please read more about her career and other pursuits.

Joe Novotny, director of International Research Support Operations (IRSO), will take on the role of Senior International Officer. In addition, Travis Pentz will be assuming a greater role in counseling students traveling internationally. Within the School of Medicine, a search will be conducted for the roles previously held by Dr. Schaaf.

Please join me in wishing Dr. Schaaf well in her next chapter and thanking the IRSO team for carrying out and furthering this important work.


Catherine R. Lucey, MD, MACP
Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost