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Established by Warren & Chris Hellman and their children in 1994, the purpose of the Hellman Fellows Fund is to support the research of promising assistant professors who show capacity for great distinction in their chosen fields of endeavor. The Hellman Fellows Fund has established programs at fourteen institutions, including the 10 UC campuses, including UC San Francisco.

The impetus for the program came when Hellman family members, who were junior faculty themselves, observed that promising young faculty were well-funded when first hired, but faced challenges after start-up funding is exhausted and before their research qualified for other external support. The result was the development of the Hellman Fellows Program. The Program was designed to assist young faculty who show the capacity for great distinction in their field, and whose research area or career face special challenges at this critical point in their research career. By granting funds to research institutions to award, the Hellman Fellows Fund makes research funds available to support junior faculty research at UCSF.

The expectation is that the Fellowship funds will contribute substantially to the execution of each recipient’s research. There is flexibility in the use of the awards including travel, equipment, research assistant, etc. In addition, Fellows meet with the trustees of the Hellman Fellows Program at an annual lunch to recap how awards are spent.

Special preference will be given to those who face challenges in obtaining independent funding. Examples of such difficulties include, but are not limited to, research that takes longer to become established because of its complexity or innovation or demands of clinical practice. (The Hellman Fellowship will no longer consider personal illness or unusual child-care responsibilities as special preferences for consideration). At least one award at UCSF will be made to an Assistant Professor in Family and Community Medicine each year.

A Hellman Fellowship is a one-time award. Awards are made in both clinical and basic research, and must be spent over a two year period at UCSF. Fellowships cannot be used to replace state-funded faculty salaries and/or state-funded resources used by the administration to recruit or to retain faculty.

UCSF Annual Timeline:

  • February – Call for applications
  • March – Applications due
  • April/May – Committee review
  • End of May – Winners notified

For additional information on the UCSF application process or deadlines, please contact Limited Submissions

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