EVCP Immediate Office Staff

Suya Colorado-CaldwellSpecial Projects, Committees, and Events: Suya Colorado-Caldwell

Suya Colorado-Caldwell reports to Brenda Gee, Communications Manager, as Special Projects, Committees, and Events Coordinator. She came to UCSF in 2004 and worked in Campus Life Services as a program and project manager for seven years before joining the EVCP in November 2011. Suya is a certified Project Manager and has over 25 years of experience in operations analysis, strategic planning, program development, and project management.

Her role as special projects, committees, and events coordinator within the EVCP organization includes:

  • coordinating strategic and organizational projects
  • managing high profile committees
  • planning and coordinating events
  • managing and producing the monthly EVCP Expresso

Credit: Sue MerrellCommunications: Brenda Gee

Brenda Gee reports to Janhavi Bonville, associate EVCP, as communications coordinator. Over the past twenty-two years, Brenda has worked in the School of Nursing, Office of Student Affairs, Office of Admission and Registrar, and Graduate Division. She has twelve years of experience in strategic communication and information work flows in both the Offices of the Chancellor and EVCP.

Her current role as communications coordinator within the EVCP organization includes:

  • managing executive correspondence for the Chancellor and EVCP
  • developing communication protocols
  • ensuring campus obligations in regard to the California Public Records Act (§6250)

 May 9 UCOP Records Retention Schedule Overview and Demonstration (Laurie Sletten, CRM, CA)

Leslie KleinbergCommunications: Leslie Kleinberg

Leslie Kleinberg, communications specialist, came to the EVCP Office communications team with over thirteen years of experience at the UCSF Library, where she worked on web content, publicity, and project management for web development and other technical projects. She was a contributing member of the advisory group to the Drupal Web Starter Kit.

Her role includes:

  • coordination and review of correspondence and signature items for the Chancellor and EVCP
  • production of the monthly UCSF Announcements & Events email
  • website management for several sites including Office of the EVCP and Campus Administrative Policies
  • assistance with compliance in response to California Public Records Act requests